About Us

Peaceful Minds Wedding is dedicated to transforming your dream wedding into reality with grace and ease, embodying the essence of unity not just in matrimony but in the journey there.


At the heart of our mission is the belief that the path to 'I do' should be as joyful and serene as the moment itself. We integrate expert wedding planning and floral design with compassionate mental health support and insight into family dynamics, ensuring that every couple, and their loved ones, experience a process filled with understanding, peace, and genuine happiness.


Our commitment is to nurture the soul of your wedding, making every step towards your union a reflection of tranquility, love, and the profound beauty of coming together. Peaceful Minds Wedding isn’t just about creating unforgettable moments; it's about fostering wellbeing, harmony, and joy that resonates far beyond the big day.

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Our Mission Statement 

  • Peaceful Minds Wedding harmonizes expert wedding planning, coaching, and floral design with mental health support, ensuring your journey to the altar is as serene and joy-filled as the moment you say 'I do'.

Peaceful Mind Weddings Team

Dedicated to making your special day uniquely yours, our team combines expertise, creativity, and a genuine love for what we do to create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.


Elizabeth Granzow


Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth's journey into stress management and wedding planning began in her family's florist shop, evolved through a groundbreaking career in the Fire Service, and deepened with academic pursuits in Psychology and Social Work.

From supporting first responders and educating teen parents to responding to national crises and aiding in disaster recovery, her career has been defined by running towards challenges.
These experiences, combined with her florist roots and a deep passion for wedding design, have perfectly positioned Elizabeth to assist couples in navigating the complexities of wedding planning and family dynamics.

Meet Theresa

Theresa Miner, our esteemed Executive Lead Planner, boasts an impressive tenure of over a decade in event planning, distinguished by her meticulous attention to detail. In her multifaceted role, she not only excels as a planner and coordinator but also shines as a beacon of excellence, guiding our planning team across the nation. A proud Californian at heart, Theresa has a unique appreciation for the state's diverse and breathtaking landscapes. 




Theresa Miner

Executive Lead Planner


Raveina Rowan

Executive Producer of Coaching Circle

Meet Raveina

Raveina Rowan is the co-founder and executive producer of the Peaceful Mind Wedding Coaching Circle, serving wedding couples around the world.  Along with Elizabeth Granzow, MSW, Raveina utilizes her over 28 years of experience as a mindset coach to assist wedding couples with improving personal empowerment, confidence building, conflict reaolution, and healing of personal trauma.  The Peaceful Mind Wedding Coaching Circle supports couples in personal sessions as well as group sessions, to learn to approach their wedding and marriage creation in the healthiest and most positive ways possible.



Meet Joan

Joan Simpson recently became a valuable member of the Peaceful Mind Weddings family, enriching our team with her extensive background in education, program development, contract processing, accounting, and administrative excellence.

As our new Administrative Coordinator, Joan's diverse skill set and deep commitment to excellence are already making a significant impact, enhancing the overall customer experience at Peaceful Mind Weddings




Joan Simpson

Administrative Coordinator


Jeffery Johnston

Executive Planner

Meet Jeff

Jeffery Johnston, our Executive Planner based in Georgia, brings a wealth of knowledge in southern wedding traditions and high-level event planning and decor design. Raised amidst the rich cultural heritage of the South, his expertise ensures each wedding is a testament to tradition and elegance. Jeffery's unique blend of humor and compassion makes the journey to matrimony memorable for every couple he assists, embodying the heart and soul of Peaceful Mind Weddings.



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Our Services

Peaceful Mind Weddings offers a harmonious blend of services to ensure your wedding day is as peaceful as it is memorable.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

This 30-minute heart-to-heart is your golden opportunity to share the vision of your dream day. It's a space for you to express your deepest desires and discuss any concerns or unique challenges you anticipate

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